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8 - 8 - 8

Since we lived near Saratoga Jim knew we went to the horse races at least once a season. It was the Trple Crown races one year and Jimbo called me to ask who I would bet on (as if there was any rhyme or reason to my $2.00 horse pick). For the Kentucky derby when Jimbo called I told him my lucky number was 8. Then he called again for the Preakness - my answer was still 8. When he called for the Belmont stakes he told me his friends thought he was crazy but he said "I have to go with Aunt Lucy". Again he bet on 8. Some were long shots but he listened and stuck with 8 and in all 3 races horse number 8 came in first place that year. I guess my lucky number paid off. Love to Liz, Megan, Henry and Charlie. We loved Jim and will always remember him for his gratitude and generosity. This note is late but I still read over the memoirs. Aunt Lucy


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