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Shoot Your Way Out

The stories of Jimbo and The Pub are the stuff of legend…as readers of “Jimbo Stories” have already seen. Years ago, during the holiday season, the entire Josephson clan was coming together at Betty and Bob’s for dinner. Jimbo suggested a visit to downtown Rye to finish up any shopping that needed to be done and “perhaps have a cocktail”. We walk in and Jim is greeted by everyone in there. Within minutes we have several coasters lined up behind our drinks. Being a Pub rookie, I didn’t know what this meant. When informed that these are rounds of drinks that have been bought for us by his friends at the bar, I flinch. “Jim, we’ve got to get back for dinner. How do we get through these and get back in time”, I whimper. It was at this point that Jimbo says the words that have stuck with me through the years as a lifelong truism, “You know, sometimes you’ve just got to shoot your way out”. And we did. Rest well my brother from another mother.


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