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Laugh, Think and Inspire Your Passions

Jim: I had a grandfather who once professed to wrestling bobcats along the Au Sable River in the Adirondack Mountains. He was quite a man, a tale of folklore to behold. You’ve heightened the folklore instilled in me by my grandfather with your prolific talent to wrestle crocodiles. The ability to wrestle these creatures with all of your heart and soul allowed you to use this God-given strength to profess love and devotion to a wonderful bride and provide unbridled devotion to a great American family. Truly a tale to behold. Your talent and strength reinforces with me the importance of family values, the virtue of enjoying true, lasting friendship and the insight to keep it all in perspective. Laugh, think and inspire all of your emotions. Go all in and don’t settle. An advisor to the President, ballroom dancing, movie stars and swimming pools -- what a ride! The memories endure and will last me a lifetime. Thanks for dropping in on our family – and especially me -- Jim! Doug Miller


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