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His Phone

My dad would always be sitting on his favorite green chair in our living room (Most of the time with a gin and tonic or asleep). If you caught him while he was awake (rarely when watching a movie or law and order), you usually could hear a chuckle coming from him. I would always ask what he was laughing at, and to that he would respond "you'll understand when you're older." When he passed, My family and I struggled to figure out his phone password, finally when we figured it out. I started to go through his phone, first thing opened was solitaire, then it was the messaging app. I clicked on it and it was opened to a group chat. I had no idea that he knew how to create a group chat, because he usually need help understanding his phone, from one of the kids. What really struck me was who was in this group chat, and that is was all of his High School buddies, James & Myles Lavelle, Eddie Pellon, Dave Coccola, Steve Nye, Andy Ball, Mike Hull, Andy O'Brien, Gerry DiEdwards, Greg Hale, Gary Basso, and Steve Verille. So natrurally assumed this was the reason my dad had laughed so much looking at his phone. I'm not going to repeat what I saw in there that just for the Rye Boys my dad and me, but I want to thank them and all of the people who contributed to this site and/or knew my dad never mind how briefly.


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