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Not a Story

When I saw that this site had been set up I thought - how wonderful - what a beautiful tribute to a life - for we are all walking narratives of our experiences, of our relationships, pieces of those we have loved and love. Then I tried to remember a specific story about Jim. Despite knowing the Josephson's for over 13 years I was at a loss for a specific story. None came to mind from Girl Scouts with Megan, baseball with Charlie or even dinners at each others homes, parties, his 50th birthday pub crawl. He was always a warm, welcoming presence - so easy to start up a conversation with. Jim could put anyone at ease.Yet the more I thought about something specific - I came to this - Jim is one of the few Dad's whose phone number is my cell - this is a testimony to what type of Dad he was - so involved - so available for his children. He might not have always known what the plans were 100% but he was there to execute them to the best of his ability. Megan, Henry and Charlie always came first with Jim. I loved hearing him talk about his children - he was so proud and so philosophical. Jim saw the big picture and knew that things changed with time and what was important was what was inside your heart - and the person you were becoming. I also loved to see Jim and Liz together - and this is an outsider looking in - but there seemed to be a respect there - knowing that each were on the same Josephson team - willing to work together for a common goal - to build a loving family that would be an integral part of a community. So - thanks Jim - thanks for being that kind of Dad - I know your children will take what they have learned from you and be that kind of parent some day.


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