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First of all, spending time with friends over the last few days have been overwhelming comforting. Trying to figure out if I cried more out of sadness or laughter. What is very clear is the Jimbo brotherhood that we all share....with that I will share 3 stories..... #1. Jimbo was my roommate on the last Davey golf trip. We wake up the first morning to shower and change and quickly determine there is not enough room for the both of us. So I tell Jimbo to shower and change while I go get us coffee. I come back and all is well....Jimbo looks great....showered, changed, nice cologne...ready to go. I then go into the shower.....when I finish I look for a dry towel......there are none because every towel in the bathroom is soaking wet an on the only option was to dab myself with the washcloth! #2. On the same trip my glasses broke. Good news is that they are these funky frames that separate after a blunt force (thanks to Jimmyboy Lavelle) but are meant to be reconnected. Bad news is it is hard as hell to do it.....when it happened in the past, I would go back to the optometrist to have him do it (and it would take him some time. So I asked a couple of the boys to help....several of them spent 10 minutes and gave up....then I handed them to Jimbo. To my horror he started by taking everything apart....removed lenses etc. He did it because he wanted to understand how everything was designed. He then got on YouTube and research how they should be assembled. Everytime I asked how we were doing I was answered with "shut up Moose, i got this". Thirty minutes later I got the "here you go Moose!"....and glasses were in tact #3. This is my favorite story....I tried telling it several times yesterday but I couldnt get through it...My Uncle Bob lived on White Birch Drive which was next door to Jimbo's house on Allendale. Uncle Bob was the guy who raised my father. In our junior year of high school he died suddenly. Jimbo saw my mother walking out of Bob's house...he walked down the driveway and in my mom's words "just gave me the biggest Jimbo bear hug" to the point that it drove her to tears.....she spoke about that until the day she died. These 3 memories tell the measure of the great friend who I loved deeply and will miss.....


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