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The Dr. Blinky

On a beautiful August afternoon a makeshift football game broke out in the front yard of the Lofgren family. We all had football fever as the NFL was only weeks away from the kickoff of their season and the Rye Garnets first official practice was around the corner. My Garnet football career was already over as I couldn't get the weight scale to go over 138 pounds with ankle weights on. Jimbo on the other hand was roaring to get into the action and show off his immense blocking skills. At 210 pounds you can push most ninth graders around pretty good. At some point during our front yard game Jimbo and I banged heads. All I remember was a flash of white light. He said I got the white light too. He called it a Dr. Blinky. He told me a few weeks later that his start to the season was delayed because of the Dr. Blinky. As he walked away, he muttered something about how he couldn't believe someone so small and skinny could give him a concussion. We talked and laughed about that for years. Come to think about any time I was ever with Jimbo we talked and laughed. A great man.


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