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"Take Your Pecker Out"

When we were young and hanging around Larry's Market Jimbo was everyone's favorite "little brother". In those days the proprietor of Larry's - the infamous Richie Gallicano - would indiscriminately order people to "take your pecker out". Little Jimbo probably had little or no idea what that meant. But the day that Paul Derecktor took his Coke Jimbo immediately screamed at him - "Give me that soda...take your pecker out!". We laughed for days/years over that the point that several of us who only saw Jimbo sporadically over the last 40 or so years, would still greet him (unfortunately, I guess) with "Hey Jimbo! Take your pecker out!". As you might expect, Jimbo would laugh with complete recollection of a long ago moment. RIP, Jimbo!


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