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Naked Seat Dive

Back around 1980 I worked as a lifeguard at Rye Golf along with Eddie Pellon and Brendan Holden. After we closed the pool at 8 PM we would wheel a keg in once in awhile and have an unauthorized "guard party". We often invited others including Jimbo and some of these parties ran rather late and one particular one ran until sunrise. I can't confirm I made it through the whole night but when I peeked out of the guard shack I saw Jimbo floating in a lounge chair in the low end of the pool propped up by a number of styrofoam kickboards. He had also forgotten his bathing suit that night so you can guess the rest. Eddie and I ran out to tell Jimbo it was time to shut it down because golfers were headed to the first tee just outside the large fence and he was in full view. Jimbo agreed to call it a night (or a day?) but not until he did his naked seat dive. He hustled down the pool deck and started to climb the high dive which was about 12 feet up. There stood the man in his birthday suit. He walked slowly to the edge of the board, kicked his feet out, landed on his bare ass, bounced up in the air a bit and did a semi- swan dive into the pool. I would have given him a 6 1/2 on the dive but an absolute 10 on originality!! I will miss you dearly Jimbo. Love to Liz, Megan, Henry and Charlie.


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