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Hole in One at Brother-Brother

One of my favorite dates of the fall was the Brother-Brother tournament at Jimbo's home course: Bellevue Country Club. Working on improving his odds at a championship, he would invite Marc, Tom Gleason & I to the event. His best ball would be combined with each of us to create the best score, giving him three bites at the apple. We all hit good shots on a blind uphill par three, each bragging we were inside the other. I knew I was a little right of the flag and saw my ball pin high, two feet away when we arrived. Marc was 8' directly above the hole and Tom G was on the apron, directly below the hole. Gleason was the only guy to par the hole, as Marc drained the birdie & so did I. Jimbo was in the hole for an Ace. The four of us played that hole four under par that day. If Gleason could only putt, what a memory that would be...


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