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Authorship Disclaimer (aka WWJD?)

WWJD? Stands for “What would Jesus do?”. When those soft rubber bracelets were a new & novel thing – ones etched with WWJD? were pretty common. They were intended to make the wearer more mindful to be nice, turn the other cheek, that sort of thing. Great. But at this moment, and in this mood – I’m going to co-opt the acronmym. Tonight it stands for “what would Jimbo do?”. And I’m here to tell you, I know what he would do. If he decided it was time to reflect upon and write down an anecdote or two that made him smile… he’d pour himself a bigass G&T, roll up his sleeves, and start typing. So right about now, that’s what I’m gonna do. I already set up the G&T part already. I’m about to hammer a few things out at 90 miles per hour. It might all go downhill from here, but I’m thinking the big guy would be OK with it. Hope you will be too.


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