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Kissing Cameron Diaz

My father loved telling me this story. There is no proof that any events were true, but I guess we will just have to believe that it wasn't another lie he made up in order to make his children smile. Anyone who knew him understood his athletic restrictions, which made his dabble into the world of winter sports a lot like the career of his least favorite Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel, brief and not that beautiful. On a ski trip with friends in Colorado, Dad spent sometime in the hotel bar once his friends had moved past the green circle slops. Knowing him, he was two or three gin and tonic's deep and looking for someone to talk with. A young girl was sitting next to him bragging to young men her age, and asked my father "Do you know Cameron Diaz?". Dad, the passionate fan of People Magazine, responded "Of course!". She began to explain to him and the younger men that not only was she good friends with the gorgeous actress, but also was meeting her that evening in the hotel to begin a weekend of skiing. My father laughed and said "Well if that is the case, have her come down here to say 'hi' to Jim!". Soon enough, the more athletically inclined members of my fathers entourage returned from the steeper side of the mountain. While chatting with his buddies, Cameron Diaz herself came bursting through the door to yell "Jim!". Dad's head whipped around and locked eyes with her. She smiled, hugged and kissed him on the cheek, and then said "I'm so glad I got to see you before I left! But I need to run," and she turned to wink at the wide eyed men with my dad, "Bye boys!".


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