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Clinton Encounter

President Clinton was an avid golfer, and so was Jimbo. Their paths literally crossed one day on Jimbo's home course in Syracuse. Each had sliced their drives into the rough from opposite tees. While the Secret Service agents got nervous, Jimbo approached the President to offer his advice. He told him to face the club at the target, open his stance and take a normal swing. The President took Jimbo's direction and executed the cut fade that was needed. Pleased with the result, Clinton said "Thanks for the tip". The back-story reveals Jimbo's need to be at the center of activity. The course was supposed to be blocked from all other golfers for two or three groups adjacent to his Tee-off. Jimbo heard the President was coming and made sure he was on the course. In the Clubhouse later, enjoying a Cocktail, these legendary words were spoken by the President: "Aren't you the one they call Jimbo?"


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