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Great Salesman

We discovered Jimbo was a great salesman when he was in grade 3 or 4. Osborn School was raising money with a raffle, and they gave each student about 10 raffle tickets to sell to family, friends and neighbors. Jimbo walked door to door on Allendale Drive, and sold them all within a few houses. He got 20 more tickets the next day, and sold them all before he got all the way to the end of Allendale Drive. The teacher gave him 30 more raffle tickets , and he sold them all in less than an hour. What I don't know is how many were actually purchased by the Linsells - the elderly couple who lived next door and adored Jimbo. In any case, he sold all 60 tickets, and the next highest ticket seller only sold 20. From then on, whenever any of his siblings needed to raise money for school, we asked Jimbo to go door to door for us, and he always sold everything he was given. No surprise that he was so successful in sales positions early in his professional career.


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