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Generous, Kind, Friendly, Enjoyment of Life and Others

Dear Jim, Wish I could tell you this in person! Last March, I told you about a truck project that provided a hands-on learning experience from the ESM automotive service program we have at my HS. After I showed you pictures of the truck in progress and told you what it meant for kids to learn this trade and skill you asked how much were tickets and I told you 3 for $25 or 10 for $100. Without hesitation you donated a $100 for 10 tickets even when I tried talking you into the 3 for $25 deal. Your kindness, generosity, and friendship will never be forgotten! Our Trappers Tequila's, Wines for the ladies, cigars for Joe and supporting FM sports always left me with one big smile on my face always reminding me how much fun it was to enjoy life and others. You had a big heart and now you must be an Angel. Who knew you could fly too... Love to Liz, Megan, Henry & Charlie - My sincerest condolences!


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